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Mooi met letters

Middelburg, Netherlands

My name is Andrea Wouters-Geldof. Married and mother of 2 beautiful children

In addition to my work for Mooi met letters, I am a teacher in primary education.

Mooi met letters actually originated after I started handlettering at the end of 2017, purely for myself for relaxation, fun, as a hobby. I started to do this more and more often, with the result that friends and acquaintances from my area managed to find me for fun assignments. For example, I was allowed to start making chalkboards and (greeting) cards.

The responses I received to those assignments were very enthusiastic and really encouraged me to do more with them. And that is why I started with Beautiful with letters; so that with great pleasure I can make beautiful things that make other people happy!
Wescover creator since 2019

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