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Mokuzai Furniture

Stanardsville, VA

"Breaking the norm of conventional furniture, we are bringing art and craft together in a way like no other, creating finely detailed functional works of art."
Mokuzai Furniture is just two people, husband and wife, Peyton and Tamara White.

We hand make each and every piece from start to finish. When you call, you speak directly with the owners. We handle every aspect of our business personally. We love how this keeps us directly in touch with our customers. We stay very busy but we love what we do and we hope you will be able to see that come through in each finished piece of furniture.

When you order a piece of Mokuzai Furniture, you are ordering a one-of-a-kind, artistic piece of fine furniture. Your table is carefully planned from the rough slabs of lumber to the last coat of finish. Peyton is extremely specific about the use and placement of the wood grain patterns throughout each piece. Most people wouldn't notice at first, but if you look closely at a finished table, the mirroring, matching and flow of the beautiful patterns over the piece really take each table to another level of fine artistry. Our original composition methods create heirloom quality works of art. Rather than just cutting and gluing a bunch of pieces together, Mokuzai Furniture comes together with a unique series of interlocking joinery, careful dowel work and clever construction techniques. Throughout the production process of each piece of Mokuzai Furniture, we document the creation with a collection of photographs from our workshop. We pass these along to you, so you too can see the story and detail that makes your new furniture so special.

The process is not fast. There are two of us, four hands, creating each and every part of Mokuzai. We built our own workshop. We build many of our own tools. We carefully select just the right lumber. We individually create each piece of our furniture by hand. There is no large stack of legs or table tops or pre-cut pieces ready for assembly. Each table and cabinet receive the same attention to design and detail. No edge is left undone, no corner unfinished. We do our own photography, build our own website, and design our own catalog. We build each custom crate and carefully prepare, wrap and pack each piece of furniture for shipping. There are no rush orders available, no quick ship options. When you order a piece of Mokuzai Furniture you will have to wait but we hope, when you unwrap your new table, the breathtakingly beautiful display of nature and artistic expression you find will be well worth the wait.

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