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Mexico City, Mexico

Founded since 2001, our responsibility as an integral design studio is the constant questioning of our evolution point.
Our creative process starts always with an extensive evaluation on the interpretation we give to a space or object, the deep analysis as to how this can impact through emotions and experiences that will remain with whom decides to live and interact with our work.
Beyond our creative process and design methodology, there’s always a very clear intention regarding what we want to achieve with this process and what we’re exposing. MOB focuses on the story the pieces transmit, their transformation through time and the level of intimate connections awaken by feelings such as nostalgia, contemplating how time will add value.

The idea of constant “necessary” change is a judgement we search to avoid. At the studio, we nurture from the idea that our pieces are thought and acquired not as a whim of ephemeral stay but as a comfortable decision for long lasting enjoyment.
Wescover creator since 2019

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