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"My canvas is made of intricately carved pine wood that is oil stained with an infinite array of colors. The wood is layered to give the painting a 3D affect."
Terron Mitchell is a sculptural painter from Nashville, Tennessee, who primarily creates abstracts from wooden sheathing boards. He intricately carves each piece and layers the materials in a three-dimensional fashion. To add color, he creates oil stains by mixing oil pigments with thinning agents and applying them to the wood thinly to assure that the natural wood grain design remains exposed.
Before turning to visual art, Terron was trained as a pianist. He later attended the University of Delaware where he earned a BFA in 2003. Shortly thereafter, Terron built a gallery in the basement of his home and started creating commissioned artwork, including a piece for the FedEx headquarters. He joined the Delaware by Hand organization and his work was featured in articles by the Delaware News Journal and The Examiner. Terron’s art has been displayed at the Main Line Art Center, the Wayne Art Center, and the Rehoboth Art League. He has exhibited at ArtExpo NYC, the DE Art Loop exhibitions at the Grand Opera House, and two Zaikka Indian Grill restaurants.

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