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Mirena Kim Ceramics - Plates & Platters and Lamps
Mirena Kim Ceramics
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Mirena Kim Ceramics

Los Angeles, CA

Mirena Kim has been making pottery since the early '90s. When she was living in New York and working as a graphic designer, she wanted to buy a very simple vase for some flowering branches. She saw a lot of beautiful pottery but was looking specifically for something that looked like it had just been taken off the potter's wheel. Not finding any, she decided to make one herself and signed up for a class at Columbia Clay Works in Brooklyn. After just minutes at the wheel, she knew she'd be throwing for life. Making pots as a business didn't start until 2013. In the meantime, her husband, two sons and she moved back to her hometown, Los Angeles. Mirena work is now in a handful of stores in the US and Canada. She's known for her special projects with architects, interior designers and restaurateurs.

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