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Mireille Salti

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"My artwork is meant to be experienced; each piece transports you and lets your experience an altered consciousness of how I feel or I see the world."
Mireille Salti is an abstract expressionist artist whose work is an evolution of the innovative pouring art technique. She has cultivated a unique approach; a cross between the randomness of flow and intentional brushstrokes.
Her process involves preparing and mixing different recipes of paints that create a reaction when combined on the canvas. The control of the reactions as well as intuitively guiding the liquid paint to its composition using air and gravity is what gives Mireille the base of her work. After this stage, she studies the flow through her perception of the piece, making sense of the seemingly chaotic composition. Finally, through deliberate brushstrokes, she brings it to its final outcome - an individual piece that provokes consciousness of the beauty around.
Mireille holds a BA in Interior Architecture from the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon. From her early years and throughout her education, Mireille was constantly honing her painting skills. After 10 years in the Design world working as an Interior Architect while painting part time, she decided to use her knowledge and sense of design redirecting her efforts fully to the fine arts. Since she made that step 4 years ago, she has successfully made a name for herself.
Mireille’s paintings can be found in high-end furniture stores in the UAE as well as in Lebanon. After great reception and demand of her work and a nomination for best Solo Artist in 2019, Mireille will participate in World Art Dubai 2020 for the 3rd year in a row. This year she will introduce prints of her work so that her artwork is accessible to anyone who wants a Mireille Salti Art piece at home.
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