Minimal Chaos Vintage Rugs

Philadelphia, PA

"Vintage Rugs for Modern Living"
Sarah is a first generation Arab-American. She grew up spending her summers in Syria, the homeland of her family. During these annual visits Sarah found that much of her time was lost to the vast souks (Arabic for market). The souks contained colors, patterns, and textures of which she had never seen before, and overnight, an obsession was born. As Sarah grew older she had an increasing desire to share the artistry of the Middle Eastern world; this lead to the creation of Minimal Chaos. Minimal Chaos is the blend of her heritage and free spirited soul.

Sarah's father is a vast collector of Persian rugs and from a young age he shared his joy of searching and finding that perfect rug with her. At the time, Sarah didn’t have the appreciation she has now. It was during these trips to Turkey that she learned the history of the heirlooms and the idea for Minimal Chaos started to form.

Minimal Chaos is the culmination of Sarah’s passions. It is her love for photography, design and travel all melded together to share her culture with all of you. For Sarah, each rug tells a story and she wants to help shape its history. But, the best part of all of this, is Sarah can now finally talk rugs with her dad and bond over their beauty together.
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