Min Design

Auckland, New Zealand

"I create bespoke designs, with a prescriptive use of color. I activate a space to its full potential."
I'm an artist on a mission to transform neglected yet functional spaces into bright enlivening experiences for the enjoyment of our community. I believe in the integration of art, design and colour into the spaces of everyday life to create moments of inspiration and joy for the people who dwell there.
Through skillful use of composition and colour my designs create a more cohesive use of space. Often directional, the work is ideal for wayfinding, enlivening neglected spaces, enhancing identity and brightening community spirit. Each design is created for the specific needs of that space.

I offer an architectural approach, factoring in the atmospheric light, surrounding features and who uses the space. Enhancing day to day experiences through impactful spacial design is my key focus.

I have been working professionally in the visual arts industry for 20 years. Areas I have worked in include film, television, fine art, teaching and curating.

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