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Mimmo Jodice - Photography and Art
Mimmo Jodice
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Mimmo Jodice

Naples, Italy

Mimmo Jodice is an Italian photographer, born in Naples, in 1934. He was one of the first in Italy to articulate the centrality of the photographic image in contemporary culture. Since the 1970's he has been a photography teacher at the Naples Academy, and has exhibited and published internationally. He is known especially for his haunting photographs of Naples, capturing its jarring mixture of past and present, beauty and dilapidation and for documenting the Conceptual art scene in Italy. His images often explore the nature of objects not as cultural signs but as fetishes, reconstructing and reanimating a specific Neapolitan identity, marginalized and commodified by dominant Italian culture.

In 2003 he was awarded the Antonio Feltrinelli Prize.