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Mikael B

Los Angeles, CA

"Unique Contemporary Art"
"He combines a graphic expression with wild-style graffiti, characterized by being a complex and intricate genre within graffiti culture, where shapes, words and letters are woven together in a spider that can be difficult for the untrained eye of decode.

The works become like musical visualization with their dynamic universe and strong colors. This particular sense of color and their effect on the viewer plays an important role in the works. Here, even complementary colors adjoin each other, creating space for a dye explosion that absorbs the viewer. It's almost energized energy, uncompromisingly and honestly.

The works are dragging and open to interpretation with their explosion of colors and geometric shapes. It is a universe where everything is possible - a mindset that also permeates the life that Mikael B lives every day. As a child, Michael B had a strong need to express himself. He was just a schoolboy in scenic Tuse Næs, west of Copenhagen, when he instead of schoolwork filled his drafts with drawings, which he offered to transfer as temporary tattoos on the arms of his comrades - and the queue was long."
Wescover creator since 2018

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