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Amsterdam, Netherlands

"I coax trust, contact and vulnerability from my subjects in order to produce an image from which the viewer can then create his own world. Recurring themes are religion, society and mythology; each work is intensely personal and takes both me and my subject on a journey that provokes fundamental questions about life and our existence."
Art has always been an essential part of Micky Hoogendijk. Born in Amsterdam July 8, 1970, Micky Hoogendijk grew up immersed in an international environment of art; surrounded by artists, art dealers, theater makers, actors and dancers. Micky Hoogendijk’s grandfather, Dirk Hoogendijk, was one the most successful art dealers in The Netherlands in the last century. He used his perceptive eye to enrich many museums, including the Rijksmuseum, with the works of the Dutch Masters. As a young girl, Micky Hoogendijk also spent many hours in the painting workshop of her father, the painter Roelof Frankot, who began as a photographer before moving his focus to abstract art.
In 2009, Micky Hoogendijk received a last gift from her ailing mother: a professional still camera. The gift would change her career forever. Two months later, her mother passed away, and she moved to San Francisco, where she discovered the majestic lines and architecture of the city through the eye of the camera.

By 2010, living and working again in Los Angeles, Micky Hoogendijk discovered her gift for artistic portraits. In 2012 she moved to Austin, Texas, where she created her first body of work. By 2015 she returned to Los Angeles, where she continues her work as an artist.
In 2018 she returned to Europe and lives and works in the South of Holland near the Belgium boarder in a beautiful studio with her own gallery adjacent to that.

Micky Hoogendijk’s photographic work has appeared in art shows like Art Platform Los Angeles, E- merge Art Fair in Washington DC, Contemporary Art Fair in Istanbul, Art Fair for Modern and contemporary Art Cologne Germany, Art Toronto Canada, Rotterdam Contemporary Art fair, Amsterdam PAN, KunstRai and ForReal. Exhibitions in London, Vancouver Canada, Karlsruhe, Los Angeles, Austin TX, Santa Fe NM, Bogota-Colombia, Mexico City, Amsterdam and her work even went all the way to Tokyo, Japan. She has garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success and has signed with galleries in Amsterdam, Houston, Santa Fe, Mexico City and Los Angeles, Vancouver and the UK.
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