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Michelle Connolly

Marrickville, Australia

I am a mixed media painter and sculptor with a studio in Leichhardt, Sydney, Australia. I am influenced by tribal and primitive artwork and would describe my work as that of an outsider artist with no formal art education. My work as an artist is to find order in the chaos that surrounds me. I work on multiple creations simultaneously using various materials. I enjoy creating quirky and fanciful human and animal characters, there is no planned story behind these creations, but I use them to trigger off new works and to keep an internal dialogue going.

I lived in North Carolina, USA for seven years (2007-2014), where I became familiar with visionary/folk art, I was inspired by its honest raw energy and started to use found material more and more in my works. A recent series of flattened box drawings are filling my studio walls, these sometimes turn into studies for larger works.
For the past six years, I have been making sculptural figures inspired by the work of Paul Klee, these figures are made using found materials together with paint, string, wire and paper clay. The works are not planned but evolve from my response to the materials at hand. Improvisation and play are important elements in my work practice. I thrive on a wide-open approach to making images and trust in the organic process of my creative output.
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