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Michelle Andres
Michelle Andres

Michelle Andres

Sacramento, CA

"Paintings Inspired by the Joy of the Outdoors"
Recently, my husband and I moved from our home with a great studio, to a smaller place on the American River. This outdated little house, with a great view, has driven me outside to explore the beauty around me. What a blessing!!! I've found a wellspring of inspiration in these beautiful parklands and waterways.

Needless to say, my work has recently changed from large format abstracts in resin to more organic, intimate work regarding my relationship with my current surroundings. I find the changing, seasonal beauty of the landscape captivating – it so strongly complements the rhythms of our lives. A walk through this terrain offers a place to search one’s soul and focus on all that is bigger than us. The interplay with nature, sharing a space with the wildlife and natural gardens, re-calibrates and resets what I innately know as truth.

The organic nature of oil paint is perfect for this exploration. Large piles of it, like slippery, muddy, earth, complete my experience and complement the interpretation of the rivers and wetlands I so adore.

Bluff Series

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