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Michele Oka Doner - Sculptures and Art
Michele Oka Doner
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Michele Oka Doner

New York, NY

"Is an American artist and author. "The breadth of her artistic production encompasses sculpture, public art, furniture, jewelry and functional objects. Oka Doner is perhaps best known for her numerous public art commissions, including. Radiant Site, at New York's Herald Square Subway and A Walk on the Beach at the Miami International Airport. Whether large-scale architectural projects or intimately scaled objects. Oka Doner's work is fueled by a lifelong study and appreciation of the natural world, from which she derives her formal vocabulary. Ultimately, it is her curiosity and wonder that provides the driving force behind her work. Her art is the rich by-product of an inquisitive mind. Through her devotion, Oka Doner has learned to speak the language of the cosmos, acting as a sculptural interpreter of nature's vast lexicon."

"Beyond its strength and beauty, Oka Doner's work defies categorization, blurring boundaries between art, design, and architecture."