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Michael Leanes Design

Houston, TX

"Each piece connects art and design with wood to create a functional piece of art to be shared alongside friends and family."
Michael Leanes design is a local business in Houston, TX, incorporating art and design into handcrafted contemporary furniture. Focused on highlighting the beauty of the wood in each creation. Founded by Houston Baptist University Master of Fine Art student, Michael Leanes. His passion over creating, designing, and constructing furniture began through watching his dad start his own company in the metal industry. Michael's fascination and intrigue over wood allowed him to gain his techniques through his own research and experience.

Michael Leanes specializes in custom furniture. In the custom pieces he makes, Michael gears more towards a contemporary, minimalistic look to allow the wood to be the center of attention. Each slab is uniquely chosen by Michael in order to build a connection between the design and nature. each piece created is handmade and each slab of wood has a story behind it making each design not only furniture, but also art.

Michael primarily chooses Black Walnut, a deeply-furrowed, black bark for his work. The warm, brown wood finishes beautifully. Black walnut has a distinct shape, pattern, and grain that separates itself from other woods. Its uniqueness allows each piece created to be a "one and only" piece.
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