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Michael J Gershman

Michael J Gershman

Orlando, FL

"Handmade Happiness - Beautiful and artistic Functional pottery for everyday use"
Michael Gershman is a potter and figurative artist who is specialized in functional potter
and portrait sculptures, He runs a pottery studio in Orlando, Florida, his materials of choice
are porcelain, white and red stoneware clay, the colors he uses are mixed in his studio, using
different color stains and oxides, his glazes are also mixed in house to achieve a unique
design and special finish, inspired by the forms and colors of nature
His love for the clay goes back to the 1970s, with over 30 years of experience he has developed a
variety of techniques that allows him to create unique and, one of a kind pottery.
Most of the hand painting is made and created by Jessica Gershman, she has for the last
several years developed a unique style and special way to mix colors and shapes to create
beautiful and one of a kind designs.

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