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Michael Grucza - Sculptures and Public Sculptures
Michael Grucza
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Michael Grucza

Chicago, IL

“My object in creating sculpture is to be able to engage viewers of all interests and to invite them to interact with my work. I want them to experience each piece from many perspectives and, in some cases, from the space created within a piece, seeing their surroundings from a new vantage point. The impulse and the time it takes to interact with a piece changes a person’s state of mind, if just for a moment. I seek to incorporate humor and a sense of play and wonder in my work. Children’s’ drawings as well as magicians’ illusions inspire me. I am also drawn to the complex images found in African, Oceanic and Native American art. These influences find their way into my work through simple lines, shapes and structures, many of which include kinetic and interactive elements. I also enjoy using industrial materials and techniques in unique, surprising ways.” - Mike Grucza
Michael Mike Grucza is a sculptor and fine art restorer who has lived and worked in Chicago for 30 years. After receiving his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art, he continued his sculpture studies at the University of Iowa