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Michael Davis - Chandeliers and Sculptures
Michael Davis
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Michael Davis

Brooklyn, NY

“I have been producing sculpture for public places and sites, including civic plazas and parks, college and university campuses, promenades, public transit, and city facilities, for more than twenty years. Each project begins with an idea inspired by detailed research of the site and its historical and cultural influences. My studio and public artworks are informed by my personal interest in history, science and cultural artifacts.
Developing public artworks involves collaboration with design teams, architects, landscape designers, engineers, contractors, city agencies and artists from the conceptual phase to the completed project. I am an experienced design team participant, a nationally recognized artist and lecturer, and have written guidelines and procedures for public art agencies. I often incorporate new technologies in my projects allowing me to creatively use sustainable power systems and green materials for public art.” - Michael Davis.

Davis has been awarded two National Endowment for the Arts Artists’ Fellowships, a Hand Hollow Foundation Artist Fellowship, and an AIA Award. His works can be found in numerous public collections including: Albuquerque Art Museum; Laguna Art Museum; the City of Los Angeles; the City of Dallas; the City of Santa Monica; the City of San Jose; and Washington State University. The artist received formal training at California State University, Fullerton. Michael Davis lives and works in Los Angeles.”