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Michael Black

Sydney, Australia

"Michael Black is an interdisciplinary Sydney based freelance illustrator, Artist and Designer."
Michael Black is an interdisciplinary Sydney based freelance illustrator, Artist and Designer.

Having completed a BA in Fine arts (design) at UNSW Art and design Cofa, his work focus spans from public mural work, painting, digital illustration and storyboarding paired with a design practice in branding, logo, typography and visual design.

Michael aims to explore how visual images can communicate past cultures and world-views and in so connect humanity. Michael loves getting amongst the mural painters sydney side.

In a strong emphasis on the viewer Michael experiments with everyday objects, spaces, people and places and often alters meaning and athstiecs of these forms.

Observational methods often probe him to perceive and express a range of visual and conceptual forms.

Employing painting and illustrating as communication, Michael gets his hands dirty and pursues expressive mark making, color forms and a visual aesthetic in an aim to capture something more than the mere natural.

Interested in how others perceive the world new media and techniques are frequently explored. Strongly Influenced from comics, skate culture and an imaginative, playful worldview Michaels work aims to bring the viewer into new understandings of the world around them.

Today Michaels Art and Design practice are intertwined and constantly feed into one another in technical form and media. Through his practice he aims to brings others into a greater fulfilment and purpose in life in communicating along the process and the final acquisition.
Wescover creator since 2019

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