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Los Angeles, CA

Miguel Pichardo Pasadena CA. native, born September 9, 1992. Miguel was one of four children raised by a single mother. As far as he can remember Miguel has always been an artist. For the most part Miguel is self taught, he took one painting course at The Art Center in Pasadena; Miguel also took art classes as an extra curricular class in highschool. He has only pursued visual art professionally for about two years, like many he considered it only a hobby, until realizing the potential in making a living out of it. So far Miguel has had his work in artwalks, many galleries, restaurants, cafes, and even in a museum. He has had articles written about him in a few different kinds of outlets. Confident in a successful future through his art, he has no plans whatsoever on stopping. To learn more on this eclectic and prolific artist feel free to reach out via email or Instagram @mi_arrte
Wescover creator since 2019

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