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Merk Aveli

Boston, MA

"Artwork for the bad guys."
If the art world seems too stuffy for you, take the time to check out Boston-based Merk Aveli, a graffiti-style artist who works in both traditional and digital dimensions. His use of striking imagery and bold color depict urban life on canvas, on screen and walls around the globe highlighting the attitude of the city. Capturing modern life at its grittiest, his work provides a no-holds-barred look into youth culture in the United States. In addition to an array of burlesque characters, Merk has captured legendary icons and common people in his uniquely stylized portraits. Taking his work to new levels every year with an increasing use of digital resources, Mr. Aveli is on the cutting edge of the new hybrid of street and technological art. Reason to invest: His use of experimental techniques and raw graffiti-style make these works true modern art.
Wescover creator since 2019
Projects Portfolio
NY Moore Hostel
Brooklyn, NY
Residential Project
Cambridge, MA
Street Art
Miami, FL
Flatbread Company Brighton
Boston, MA

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