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Melissa Koch Interiors

Sydney, Australia

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Melissa Koch has always shown a passion for art, architecture, and interior space. She moved to New York in 2005 to pursue design and attended the continuing education studies for the Interior Design program at FIT. After refining her eye in an academic sense, she joined the top Architectural Digest firm, Cullman & Kravis where she spent 9 years working on high-end residential projects in Manhattan, The Hamptons, and Florida. The vast range of geographical locations and Client’s aesthetics expanded her breadth and understanding of design, while further affirming her love of classical interiors,
in every interpretation.

Excited to bring her knowledge and influence to Australia’s burgeoning design scene, Melissa Koch Interiors (MKI) was founded in 2015 when Melissa moved back to Sydney with her husband and two children. MKI specializes in Modern Traditional interiors that feel both timeless and elegant, and always reflective of their client’s personal identity. With a refined sense of space, scale and style developed through Melissa’s exposure to different cultures, places, and clients, MKI prides itself on interiors that are sophisticated,
yet authentic.

Our role is to harmonize elegance and comfort—creating gorgeous interiors without sacrificing functionality. We make it our mission to understand how you or your family will ‘live’ within your house. We interpret the tastes, needs, and demands of each individual client and work closely with architects, contractors, and artisans to curate a beautiful reality.
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