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Melinda Schawel

Melbourne, Australia

"Visual artist working primarily with paper, wood & metal, on a quest to find the optimal point where medium, technique & imagery merge."
Holding within their crystalline membranes a multitude of worlds, Melinda Schawel’s compositions both confront and comfort the viewer about the environment we live in. Her visual economy of texture, line, shadow and stain pictorialise not only phenomena occurring in nature, but also the nuances of our minds as viewers filter the elusive compositions through
their own experiences and imagination. - Elli Walsh

Melinda Schawel is an American/Australian artist residing in Melbourne, Australia. She has exhibited nationally & internationally since 1995 and has been commissioned to create artworks for a multitude of private and public spaces. Her artworks have been included in Belle, Home Beautiful & House & Garden Magazines, she was a guest on The Art Show podcast, featured in the Art Collector, Art Guide & Artist Profile publications and The Jealous Curator art blog.
Wescover creator since 2020

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