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Meera Palia

London, United Kingdom

"Abstract Expressionism"
Meera is a largely self-taught abstract expressionist artist based in London. Attracted to spontaneity in art forms, she loves to create art that feels ‘free’ and made ‘in the moment’. Her paintings are therefore unplanned and evolve out of the colours, textures, marks and moods that emerge throughout the process. She is aiming for the painting equivalent of a jazz jam or a flamenco improvisation rather than a polished composition/choreography. Inspired by the rhythmic, gestural, physical act of painting- when it feels like her hand is freestyle dancing- Meera will often paint to music trying to bring the energy of an interesting beat into her work. Although she has a mixed media approach, she paints mostly with acrylics and likes to experiment with building up and scratching away different layers of paint to reveal those underneath. Painting feels like an inquiry, a dialogue with the unknown. Sometimes more recognisable ‘forms’ such as figures or landscapes start to emerge. Sometimes they do not! It is this sense of the unexpected and the endless possibilities for the reinvention of a painting that Meera finds so compelling.
Wescover creator since 2020

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