McIntyre Furniture LLC

Seattle, WA

"Finely crafted custom furniture. Experience the difference of handmade furniture that fits your own unique lifestyle. Every detail is looked after."
I'm a one person business. I see myself as a custom furniture maker. I work mostly with wood, yet am well connected with the local artist scene so I'm happy to collaborate if you are looking for a mixed media piece.

I am one of the few women in the furniture-making world. My name is Kim McIntyre. I love the creative problem solving that goes into woodworking. I also thrive on the quest for perfection while working in partnership with the natural beauty of the wood. I care deeply about every piece/project I make and do my best to provide quality craftsmanship from start to finish. I am honored to have gained a reputation for my integrity, honesty, and the hard work that goes into my craft.

After more than a decade of honing this craft, I have decided to take a leap of faith and dive more fully into doing the work I love. With that it in mind, I started McIntyre Furniture, LLC with the goal of making a modest living by creating beautiful, functional, sustainable furniture that people can feel proud to make a part of their home for generations.
I am also growing my business in green ways. I seek to buy sustainably harvested lumber from reputable distributers. I am committed to using earth friendly (non-toxic and low VOC) finishes.

Prior to apprenticing as a woodworker and attending furniture-making school, I worked as an Outward Bound instructor for six years. I led wilderness expeditions ranging from 4-50 days with just about every age group and population you can imagine. From alpine backpacking in Montana, to dog sledding and cross-country skiing in Minnesota, I have slept more than 1,000 nights under the stars. I feel blessed to have spent that much time outdoors and in nature as it made my soul very happy. Now as I handcraft furniture, I seek to bring my love and respect of nature to others via the natural beauty of wood.

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