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Maureen Walsh

Maureen Walsh

Haleiwa, HI

"My work is inspired by my meditation practice, intuition, the magic and intricacy of nature, sacred geometry and the healing power of the ocean."
Maureen Walsh is an international visionary artist + healer. She uses the practices of meditation and yoga to create expansive, large scale works of art. She is inspired by nature, travel and her meditation practice. She is a trained yoga/meditation teacher as well as a cranio-sacral therapist and she uses these disciplines to infuse her work with creativity, healing, light and love. She silently chants healing mantras when creating to share healing vibrations with all those that encounter her work.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"I meditate before I create and allow the work to flow out of me from that space. I actually don't like planning things out fully ahead of time. My favorite way to work is when the client gives me free rein and I can adapt and modify in the moment based on what the work is calling for."
Maureen WalshMaureen Walsh

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