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Matt Batcho Art
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Matt Batcho Art


Matt Batcho is an American abstract artist that continues to gain the respect and notoriety of consumers and peers alike. His unique style and use of color and texture set him apart from other abstract artists. Many of his pieces have a three-dimensional effect to them, thereby making them even more appealing and beautiful. His marriage of opposites, hot and cold, light and dark, rough and smooth appear to be effortless and create an intrigue that encourages you to look at more and more of his work.

For as long as he could remember, Matt has always had a love and appreciation for art. Throughout his childhood Matt found himself drawn to the artwork of pioneers in the abstract art world: Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock specifically. Their mastery of taking seemingly disjointed shapes, colors, and splatters and turning them into a cohesive and powerful expression that could inspire others is one of the many things that always stuck with Matt. The fire and lust for creativity burned inside him through adolescence and adulthood, and as he continued his study of abstract art, he came across an American abstract artist, Cody Hooper. His work was an inspiration and as Matt has progressed as an artist, Mr. Hooper has truly served as a mentor to Matt.

Matt’s internal desire to create art ultimately would remain inside as he found himself stuck in the typical dichotomy that many creative people face throughout their careers: go into the world and find a career that can guarantee a steady income or follow his heart and risk long stretches between periods of income. He chose security, but it didn’t take long for Matt to realize that he could never find true happiness in corporate America. He is a creator, and as long as there was no avenue to explore those creative yearnings, happiness would elude him. And so, he left the corporate rat race and started painting professionally.

Just browsing through his work, you will notice that Matt paints with an emotion that bubbles very near the surface. Having experienced the best and worst life has to offer, Matt draws upon his emotions to create profoundly transformative art. Whether drawing on the pain, anger, and chaos from his tumultuous upbringing, or the euphoria, bliss, and peace from finding the love of his life, Matt’s work is raw, transcendent, and provides a window to his soul.

Matt is an extremely gifted artist with an incredibly bright future. It won’t be long before he is counted among the great American artists of our time.