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New York, NY

Mastour Galleries, Inc. est 1890 has become world renowned for antiques Oriental & European Rugs as well as recreations of Decorative Oriental & European Rugs.

We specialize in the finest Oriental & European Carpet, Rare, Antique, Vintage art Rugs as well as oversized and Palace size Persian Carpets.

We are also proud to introduce a variety of unseen Needlepoint Rugs, Aubusson Rugs, Savonnerie Rugs & Tapestries.

While the best Antique Style Rugs by far is our Angora Oushack Rugs Collection from Turkey, Ziegler Sultanbad and Agra Vegetable Dye Rugs Collection from India.

We have found that when you are focused on creating the best with patience, perseverance, and an exceptional team, you will succeed.

We are delighted to use the experience and knowledge of Mansour Mastour. For more than half a century, he developed a superior taste for design and colors, which we are able to use for today's fashionable home furnishing trend and make sure that the highest standards are being met.
You can be sure that the companies representing our line are not only distinguished by their sophisticated sense of style but also by their integrity, reputation for honesty and high ethical standards.
Wescover creator since 2019

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