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Maryam Ebrahimi

Toronto, Canada

"Original Abstract Art"
Most popularly known for her ability to capture the illusion of flow on an otherwise static canvas, Maryam Ebrahimi is an exquisite Canadian artist in Richmond Hill, Ontario, whose masterpieces have been showcased both nationally and abroad.

Over the years, Maryam developed an artistic style that is uniquely her own. Her use of a limited colour pallet, combined with heavy layers and seamless brush strokes, results in artwork that is full of depth and personality. Each piece of Maryam’s artwork tells a vivid story, full of emotion. This is one of the many reasons why her pieces are sought after by collectors and emulated by fellow artists.

Maryam’s unique artistic abilities developed naturally at a young age. Raised in a family that valued the arts, creative expression was encouraged in Maryam’s family. Her grandfather was a poet and calligrapher and her cousins were musicians. When Maryam began to draw animated illustrations at the age of six, her family knew that art would be a fundamental part of her life too.

Over the years, she has honed her skills and trained at some of the most prestigious art schools, including the Azad University of Tehran, where she earned both a B.A. in Visual Arts and a degree in Persian calligraphy. Prior to that, she received a four-year high school degree in Graphic Design. Passionate about inspiring future artists, Maryam was also a high school art teacher which later motivated her to open her own art school in Toronto, Canada.

Maryam’s artistic skills extend beyond the canvas. In the 1990s, she made a mark in the German fashion industry while working for a European clothier. Her keen eye for colour fusion resulted in a four-page spread of creations with her fabric selections in the magazine Quelle Deutschland. Today, that intuitive sense for vibrant colour pairings is a starting point for each of her artistic creations.

Maryam’s life is a rich tapestry of global experiences, all of which influence the professional fine artist she is today. Skilled in a number of mediums, she most enjoys creating abstract paintings with acrylics.
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