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Mary Zeran

Cedar Rapids, IA

"Contemporary abstract paintings bursting with joyous color."
I’ve always been fascinated by things that happen randomly or by accident. Observing those small moments of chance, allows me to be present to experiences, to see beauty in things that might be considered mistakes.

My paintings evolve over time. Technically, more collage. I paint on polyester film, cut out shapes, and then arrange them into the final piece. Cutting up the painted film, allows me to build or assemble my paintings out of many different layers and pieces. This spontaneous process is inspired by nature, architecture, bold color, and random things that happen with the paint.

My paintings are part of many private, and corporate collections. My artwork has been exhibited in museum and gallery exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe.

I was born in Iowa but I’ve lived in eleven different places in the world. I received my BFA and MFA from University of Iowa. I live and paint in a craftsman style home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with my husband and dog.
Wescover creator since 2020

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