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Mary Pines Art

Whistler, Canada

I’m passionate about life in ways that motivate me to create constantly. Painting is a kind of meditative act of reverence for me; observing not just the form of something, but how it exists, moves, breathes, connects…

I’ve been painting since I could hold a brush and am self-taught, raised largely without TV, with a pencil in my hand and BC rainforests as my playground and inspiration.

Through the 14 years I was a research scientist, making art was my way of wrapping my brain around the mind-blowing nature of existence. In blending my love for art and science, my work recognizes they are not actually distinct. Much of my work speaks of molecules, patterns and energetic flow, including the circles and arcs integrated in nearly every piece.

My commitment is to convey the awe that can be found when we explore with childlike curiosity, from a joyful place resonant with
reverence & a sense of belonging.
Wescover creator since 2019

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