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Marumitsu Poterie

Seto, Japan

"Meals are Delightful. We are designing tableware we never get tired of, tableware with which we appreciate our meals to the fullest, tableware that makes us want to cook delicious meals every day."
Marumitsu Poterie's tableware is characterized by
Function at the heart of design to provide the user with the best experience when using our products. Our designers always create our tableware while having in mind how it will be used or what food would be best on it.

Diversity in the choice of material to produce a large variety of tableware meeting different lifestyles. We use a variety of clay types (porcelain, stoneware, earthenware and open-fire resistant earthenware) associated with traditional and modern glazing techniques.

Local production made with the know-how of local potters our tableware combines functionality and a high level of quality with the “artisan touch”.
Wescover creator since 2020

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