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Martin&Martin Design

Dallas, TX

Martin&Martin is charged with the mission of caring, preserving and displaying art, objects d' art, antiquities, and lighting, while educating clients and viewers about art, light, and history. By bringing high-design, exceptional customer service and superb craftsmanship to art, lighting, and exhibits, we create visually aesthetic environments that allow people to enrich their lives.

Internally, Martin&Martin ​provides a sustainable, creative, challenging work environment where collaboration encourages our people to work as a team, while professionally growing as individuals.

Art conveys a civilization's inner thoughts, knowledge, and culture through a visceral experience. As each artists crafts, shapes, paints, and designs these pieces, they want to share thoughts to evoke a reaction. At Martin & Martin, we too want to evoke a reaction - one of intrigue and interest. Not for our work, but for the art which is displayed so each brushstroke, shaving, carving, and indentation can be enjoyed exactly how the artists intended.

Light has always been a magical element for mankind. In the beginning, our species was lost without it. Over time, we learned how to create it. Martin & Martin harnesses the power of luminescence to envelop artwork and show the brilliance of color, shape, and form.
Wescover creator since 2019

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