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Martine Linge

Oslo, Norway

Martine is searching for the feeling of recognizing something that has never been seen before, a feeling that can trigger a shift in thought.

Recognizable objects are carefully joined together with unknown elements built or modeled in, for example, wood, plaster, felt, glass or epoxy. The actual and the fabulous are blending into each other, and the sculptures can be seen as extensions between nothing and something.

Linge plays with the surfaces of her sculptures. She braids the mellow objects, creating forms based on the alternation of positive and negative surfaces, or she creates bulgy baroque-like forms of epoxy that give the impression of being small clouds transformed into vases or vessels. It creates the particular tension that the viewer feels when looking at his sculptures, the particular tension that makes one hold one's breath for a moment.
Wescover creator since 2020

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