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Livermore, CA

"Have you ever seen a wine barrel hang on a wall?"
In March of 2014 Melissa gave birth to their beautiful baby girl, and as Monte used the week off supporting his wife and taking apart his wife's wine barrels. As the baby slept he spent his time in the garage making his first wine barrel chair. It came out a little lopsided, which was probably due to the lack of sleep, but it worked. Little they knew his second project would lead to new and exciting adventures. He made a beautiful wine barrel American Flag wall hang. The red strips are from the beauty of the red wine, and it became a focal point on their wall in their living room.

Little they knew that others would love it just as much. They posted their artwork on Facebook for their friends to see, and Monte has been busy ever since. From the overwhelming support of family and friends, they realized that they had a new business on their hands. They quickly got their design filled, and their business up and running. As they stay busy with custom handcrafted wine barrel flags they are now expanding to others art pieces and crafts. Keep an eye out, they are always working on new art pieces, and designs for their customers. This past few month they not only have created new custom flags for their customers, now their customers can personalize sayings on their wine barrel design to hang in their home.

They love to hear from their customers, and they will walk you through the project you choose. Customer service is their focus, and they absolutely love to see their customers excited. Send them your pictures of your art piece. They love to see them. Feel free to start a conversation. They would love to hear from you.

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