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Marko Tomic

Miami, FL

"Konnectivism and Illuminated Art"
Marko Tomic was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1984 and immigrated to the United States in 2007 as an International Student in Economics. Originally, he came to the United States to pursue a career as a currency stockbroker and trader for Wall Street, however in 2009 while living in Miami, his life took a different path and discovered his true calling to become an artist/painter and Sculptor.
Marko immersed himself in his art and developed a philosophy and artistic style he coined “Konnectivism”. With 1,100 documented sold paintings under his belt. His artistic mission and contribution are to bring a human connection
with the invisible, intangible and pervasive energy through his paintings.
“I paint the invisible and untouchable particles, like a whole new world. When I start with a blank canvas, they manifest to me abstract energy in shapes and colors, I paint what I see but there's nothing there. I named this method and art style "Konnectivism.” I connect what I see at that moment, which is invisible but always present, bringing and channeling a human connection with the, intangible and pervasive energy through my paintings.

Marko’s painting has brought him exhibitions shows in the United States such as New York Art Expo, Art Basel Miami, and in Europe with a solo exhibition in Belgrade, Serbia at the Writers Club, Gallery Staff, and Mixer House. His art collectors are in Boston, Philadelphia, LA, Miami, Chicago, NYC, Austin, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Montreal -Canada, Curitiba Brazil- Sao Paolo, and Europe in London -UK, Austria- Wien, and other cities in Serbia and abroad. He is represented by the RAW Gallery, Natural Born Artist, Casa Mondo Miami Gallery,
Conceptual Art Gallery and Gallery Spaniard.
2019 Spectrum “Rising Artist” Art Basel, Miami Florida
2019 Vinoteka Neimar Belgrade Wine Week, Belgrade, Serbia 2019 Conceptual Art, Group art Exhibition. Chicago Illinois
2019 Conceptual Art, Group Art Exhibition. Miami FL.
2018 Art Basel Miami, Casa Mondo Gallery, Miami FL.
2018 Mana Wynwood “Block Chain Shift “Group Art Exhibition, Miami, FL.
2018 Jela Art Gallery, Solo Art Exhibition, Belgrade Serbia
2017 Miami Shores Gallery, Solo Art Exhibition. Miami, FL.
2017 Writers Club, Solo Art Exhibition. Belgrade, Serbia
2016 Rotary Club Charity, Group Art Exhibition. Zrenjanin, Serbia 2016 Stab Gallery, Solo Art Exhibition. Belgrade, Serbia
2016 Wood Star Festival, Belgrade Serbia
2015 Mixer House Gallery, Solo Art Exhibition, Belgrade, Serbia 2015 Hotel Delano, Group Art Exhibition, Miami, FL.
2014 LMNT Raw Gallery Group Art Exhibition. Miami FL.
2014 Mixer House Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2013 Art Expo New York, Pier 95/96 Solo Art Exhibition, New York 2012 Art Basel Miami, Hotel Delano Miami Beach FL.
2012 South Beach Solo Art Exhibition, South of Fifth , Miami Beach FL.
2011 Art Basel Miami. Marlins Hotel, Miami Beach FL.
2011 Wynwood Art, Miami, FL. Group Exhibition.
2010 Marlins Boutique Hotel, Miami Beach, Solo Art Exhibition. 2010 La Terrace, Miami Beach FL, Solo Art Exhibition.
2010 Heaven, Miami Beach, FL, Group Art Exhibition.
2009 Art Basel Miami FL, Hotel Delano Group Exhibition.
Phone: 305-299-6768
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