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Mark Odom Studio
Mark Odom Studio

Mark Odom Studio

Austin, TX

Mark Odom Studio is an architectural design firm blending architecture, art, making, and innovating.

m(odm) strives to balance one’s seemingly chaotic environment with the calculated rules of proportion and function.

We welcome client relationships and dialogue during all phases of development, for a true collaboration between owner and studio. With the belief that every project generates its own set of specifics, our approach is free of preconceived ideas, with every response a thoughtful reference to client and site. The studio pursues like minded clientele who are willing to place a value on exploration. We continuously seek a balanced consideration of the client’s needs, materials, site amenities, kinetics of environment, social consciousness, and budget requirements.

Through the assemblage of form, space, material, and light we hope to leave our clientele with an unexpected representation of themselves that excites the senses for years to come.
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