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Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft

Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft

Los Angeles, CA

"Furniture should 'Bring You Joy'!..."
As a child, I was given a rocking horse for Christmas. It had a leather saddle, stirrups, and real horse hair.

Years later I found out that my grandfather made it.

He had no power tools and no wood shop to speak of. Just hand tools and a little free time.

Arthur Newton was old school He called himself a 'Joiner, Carpenter, and Cabinetmaker'.

My father (also Arthur) didn't get to follow in his footsteps. 6 children will do that to you.

That (as it would turn out) was up to me...

Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft started in 2014. It stuttered and blew smoke for a while but soon came to life. It's my lifeblood and legacy.

I get to make beautiful pieces of wooden furniture for amazing people every day.

We have a small and growing selection of made to order designs and occasionally take on commissions for custom made furniture.

Behind the scenes, we live in a world of noise, glue, and sawdust.

In the end, there's a one of a kind, personal statement worthy of a burned on brand that says...

'Mark Newton Custom Woodcraft'

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