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Mark Langan Recycled Corrugated Art

Cleveland, OH

Why corrugated as an art medium?
Well...I stumbled upon it while dismantling a stack of boxes that I prepared for trash day. I realized that the wavy medium sandwiched between the paper layers (called fiute) emitted a "kinetic" energy. I asked a neighbor to save for me after a residential move their discarded boxes once emptied. I experimented with them, slicing & dicing them into sculptural interpretations & found the results visually impacting. art medium unlike anything I'd worked with prior. A ubiquitous product that connects virtually with every person on the planet being a part of our every day lives.

Why do I do it?
Creating is wonderful! It energizes us and allows us to be free as individuals. It is enduring, it is what sustains us & allows us to "connect" with ourselves and others. Corrugated allows me to express myself with challenges in each & every project, as I strive for beauty & mastering perfection to my craft.
Wescover creator since 2019

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