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Mark Gibian

Brooklyn, NY

"My sculpture is multimedia: abstract, and evocative of natural forms. I construct both large public commissions and private works; fabricating the work myself in order to control the entire creative process.

Currently I am creating heavily forged sculptures utilizing small steel curvilinear trusses intertwined and knotted in endless loops, which create gestural or calligraphic organisms.

The metal and glass series started when I decided to allow the interior structure to remain visible. I melt sheets of glass over, under, and around steel structures; which I roll, bend, weld and grind. Large forms are constructed of bolted sections which fit individually in the kiln. I design the units to be placed individually or compose them in groups.

The immediacy of monoprinting contrasts with the sustained effort that the sculptures require. I love developing ideas by working on these prints, which are a major part of my two-dimensional artistic output."
Wescover creator since 2018

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