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Mark Gabbertas - Chairs and Tables
Mark Gabbertas
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Mark Gabbertas

London, United Kingdom

The Studio has a reputation for designing creatively innovative and commercially relevant work. We are at ease with the idea of designing products that have relevance in the real world; if a design doesn’t sell, then perhaps it is not such a great design.

The Studio’s guiding proposition centres on the creation of character through simplicity. This considered approach to design often belies the extent of the intensive analysis and the complex engineering needed to make it succeed. The Studio is known for its rigorous pursuit of solutions that have both a functional integrity and an enduring aesthetic in the belief that it is all too easy to shock, but much more difficult to please.

‘’Ours is not an obsession with form as an end in itself, but with the emotion it incites. Our work is rooted in the conviction that furniture has the ability to influence how people behave, perform, and interact, but most important, how they feel.’