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Mark Fox - Signage
Mark Fox
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Mark Fox

New York, NY

“Working across media, including drawing, sculpture, painting, and installation, and with a pervasive interest in pushing the boundaries of paper, Mark Fox plays with the intersection of intention and chance. His drawings, for instance, often begin with stains, spills, and stray marks that then form the basis for intricate compositions, while many of his paintings involve the endless cutting and rearranging of component parts. “I love the malleability of paper and its ephemeral nature,” he says. “The canvas and the panel seem so immutable and fixed, and paper is easier to manipulate.” Fox’s fascination with paper carries over into sculpture as well, in a range of ethereal 3D works that includes ink drawings cut and arranged into intricate webs, and text-based works for which he paints words lifted from mythological and religious texts, then crumples and forms them into amorphous masses. After art school, Fox spent several years making and performing with puppets.

American, b. 1963, Cincinnati, Ohio, based in New York, New York”