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Mark Castator

Boulder, CO

Mark Castator accidentally became an artist when he had to take an art elective in college. He suddenly discovered a hidden and unknown talent to sculpt, paint and draw. For the past twenty-five years this has been his full-time pursuit and passion. His work now graces countless homes and businesses in private, corporate and museum collections across the US and internationally.
His work is based on the practice of being present and living in the moment. He sees art as a process to expand beyond the constraints of the self. His work will often have an aspect of transparency or mirror reflection in its form. This allows the viewer to see beyond the obvious, through that which is readily apparent, and creates a space for contemplation.

“I am fascinated by how we see the world and how our mind manipulates our individual perceptions of reality. When I learned to draw I was taught to stop thinking, to allow my hand to draw the image I was seeing and not what I thought I was seeing. It is as Wordsworth observed in Tintern Abbey that the mind half perceives and half creates what it sees. By learning to draw I started to learn to see.”

“My sculptures are heavily influenced by drawing and Abstract Expressionism: movement, gesture and spontaneity. Each piece of metal is a gesture or line building to the larger sculpture. There is a repetitiveness and quickness of the gesture contributing to the overall movement to the work. I want the eye to constantly move around the object. This “busyness” of the eye in turn engages the brain, producing a more contemplative state of mind.”
Mark currently resides in Boulder, Colorado as a full-time artist. He notes that his work has been influenced by the expanse around him: from the big sky to the sweeping green space to the phenomenon of the Rocky Mountains. He uses steel, copper and bronze to create pieces of quiet majesty, reflecting the beauty that surrounds him.
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