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Mark Americo Wentz

Saint Simons Island, GA

"The things I make depend on the materials and feelings that are present at that moment."
Wentz makes his sculptures intuitively and methodically. He combines a variety of skills, techniques, and experiences to drive his art making process. Wentz believes his work is a timeline or story of his life experiences.

It has been Wentz's life journey to experience all aspects of art making. He uses traditional craft techniques while also taking a more conceptual approach to each piece. Much of his glass elements come from salvaged glass that has been fused back together to create new from old. He seeks out pieces of wood that have history and character, and combines them with the glass to create a unique kind of sculpture.

Mark Wentz received his BFA from Kent State University with a focus on glass. He then studied with and worked for several glass artists and sculptors across the country, focusing predominately on blown and cast glass. He later received an MFA in sculpture from Savanna College of Art and Design. Lately most of his work has been in the public art realm, Mark also works on HGTV’s Elbow Room and Animal Planet’s Tree House Maters as an artist/fabricator.
Wescover creator since 2019

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