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Marissa Nicole Studio


I would describe my macrame style as "freeform". I don't sketch or anticipate any of my pieces. What you see here is a result of drowning out the world and letting my hands go where they want. I guess in a small way, they just happen like this. This makes all my designs unique and unpredictable but I love every second of it.

To me, feathers stand for strength, power, and encouragement. As well as agate being the courage stone and protection stone. Some varieties can also be calming and other sounds balancing and grounding. These powerful natural elements are what my work is all about.

All my pieces are one of a kind and there something so special about knowing that when you purchase a piece of my work, someone on this planet could ever have the same thing. The most unique form of self-expression.

Thank you for taking the time to see what my hands have made.

NONE of the feathers I use are plucked from live birds and NO birds are killed for these feathers. I do not condone cruelty.

Xo, Marissa
Wescover creator since 2019

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