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Marina Lespérance Lopez

Montreal, Canada

I was born in Montreal and I grew up in the Lanaudière region, in Quebec, only to return to the metropolitan region towards the end of my secondary studies. Daughter of Latin American and Quebec parents, cultural mix and travel have built my identity. I continued my studies in Visual and Media Arts at the University of Quebec in Montreal and subsequently a specialization in ceramic arts trades at the Cegep of Old Montreal.
I was trained in visual and media arts, where I mainly did sculpture and installation in ceramic but also with other materials. My transition from the creation of art objects to utilitarian objects comes from a quest for meaning, I wanted my works to be accessible for everyday life. I also have a deep interest in the journey of objects and their great potential for an emotional charge. Where they come from, who made them, under what conditions ... I would like to reconnect with the value of objects in our fast-moving consumer economy, which we buy less often, but with intention. I want to see my works integrate the daily routine of people, that they inspire, and that they bring a little touch of magic to everyday life.
Wescover creator since 2020

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