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Mariel Rose Garcia

Denver, CO

Creation is my True Love... The Earth My Twin Flame

I am a Muralist and Multimedia artist. I was born in Taos, New Mexico to a family of artists. I have been doing art since I found the gift of my hands. I was raised in an alternative lifestyle on the West Rim of the Rio Grande Gorge, and down south, along the Mimbres River near Silver City. The rich cultures of NM, and the communities of artists I grew up in, influence my artist's eyes; and my heart.

I pull from the ancient symbology that surrounds me, the pueblos, the pottery, the petroglyphs, the landscapes of New Mexico and the innate spirituality that I was raised with. I paint my visions and share my deep cellular memory of the earth and people of long ago, the medicine of the time. My need to create drives me with inspiration beyond words; a place that only my art can express. I am mapping the fabric of the Universe; the One Song. I am keeping Time and History, tracing the fusion of Cultures into the lines of my Artwork. The most important job that I have in this world, is to be a Mother, & an Artist.

Give me a Medium, I will make Art.

Give me an Audience, I will share my Visions
Wescover creator since 2019

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