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María Esme del Río

San Francisco, CA

I was born in Mexico, the city is disputable, but I can be sure that it was Mexico. I grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico where art flows through the veins like water in the arroyos. I moved to California on my own at 18 years old.

In the tenth grade I got a used camera for a photography class I was taking. The camera didn’t work and, despite help from my teacher, every time I hit the darkroom my negatives were black. I still “shot” enthusiastically and imagined what the final negative would produce. I got an A in the class without turning in a single assignment.

I was sure I wanted to be a photographer. As a teenager I could not find a Mexican American Female photographer to look up to and I knew that I would have to create my own place in the field.
Wescover creator since 2020

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