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Margo van Erkelens

Ouddorp, Netherlands

My great love for color, my childhood on the coast; salty and sweet, the colors of the seasons, the meeting on the beach, people, nature, give me the daily drive to shape my creativity.
I combine many layers of paint with a variety of materials, including gold pigments. This creates a mysterious and exciting surface with a variety of effects due to the different incidence of light.
I do not seek control over the work; the process may proceed!
Paint is scraped away to bring up other layers. My most precious paintings are caused by the 'mistakes' underneath!
The 'coincidences' that arise from the earlier layers are used gratefully by me and help me to let go of a well-defined image.
Let it 'happen' instead of 'directing'.
My big challenge is to leave out the most recognizable. What I would like to achieve is the pure experience of form and color that remains, so that imagination and fantasy run wild; this makes 'feeling' instead of 'recognizing' more important.
In this way, a painting becomes a story without words; an invitation to travel through the landscapes; memories of footsteps; a fantasy, an imagination, a recognition.
My work is always different in execution. But my passion is to create something that radiates harmony and enraptures.

Margo van Erkelens
Wescover creator since 2020

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