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Marco Dolcino - Chairs and Furniture
Marco Dolcino
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Marco Dolcino

Milan, Italy

He went from selling seeds to being CEO of one of the most exclusive Italian furniture firms, Unopiù. Its success is due to an intelligent plan of communication with the clients and to have international vision.

From agriculture to design furniture. Marco Dolcino started marketing seeds and pesticides, until he found in his durable goods his true passion. A path as strange as excellent that led him to become the CEO of the Italian firm Unopiù, specialized in garden furniture, in 2012. "When I went to college I attended classes in classical studies, I have always carried in my heart The passion for the beautiful, so that as soon as a proposal came from the world of luxury and decoration I started the adventure, "he says.

His job allows him to draw the lines of strategic development of the company in accordance with the different houses, develop it and make it effective. "You have to coordinate many activities, put the work of many departments in relation," he says. And he confesses that for everything to leave correctly, he leaves the door of his office wide open so that any employee of the company feels free to enter and express new ideas or opinions: "I do not put any type of filter."

Dolcino is especially proud of the distribution model he has designed, one of his great achievements within Unopiù. "It is based on the direct relationship with consumers, through our own stores and franchises. In addition to the value we give to the catalog, as we can not have physical outlets in every city," he says. He adds that thanks to this strategy has managed to "captivate the international market."